April 12, 2024

Decorate your dream home in the way you like interiors

Own house is the dream of every individual, and they want it to be in the way they like. Interior designers in Delhi are the best in the field, and you won’t regret hiring them. Your dream home will be looking better than you expected, and you will be stunned by the beauty of it.

Key elements for Interior Design

The following are the key elements to be considered while hiring interior designer for home renovation or construction

  • Space: It is the area inside the house. There are two types of spaces; Positive space where the objects are kept and negative space which is open or empty. It can be arranged according to the wish of the individual.
  • Line: There are three types of lines, mainly Horizontal, dynamic, and vertical. They are kept in the taste of the person who is living in the house.
  • Forms: It is the shape or looks of the room. Depending on it, many design features are decorated in the house.
  • Light: It can be of either man-made or natural light. Mostly natural light is preferred as it can give fresh vibes in the house. Therefore, the design should in such a way that it can get fresh sunlight in the house.
  • Color: It is one of the important things that reflect our psychology. It can create value, change the perception, and promote a good mood in the house. It can create a peaceful harmony among the family members.
  • Texture: It is the finish of the object. There are two types of texture, namely, actual texture and visual texture. Actual texture can be felt and seen. The visual texture depends on the perception of the eye. To some, it might look good, and to some, it is not of much value.
  • Pattern: It is the design that we want to reflect in the room. They are of various types, namely geometric, pictorial, stripes, animal prints, and organic.

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